Study in Canada

Staying in Canada permanently | the global ties

Open your door to Canada

If you are looking for a world-class learning, education in Canada is what you need. With meticulous control over the quality and the standards of academic tutoring, Canada is one of the top international student destinations across the world.

Bilingual Environment

Canada has two official languages: English and French. When you plan your higher-education in this bilingual country, you can brush up your linguistic skills in the midst of like-minded people. With fluency in both languages you can further your studies.

Affordable Education

Students looking to study abroad undergo ‘price’ barrier. Universities in Canada provide quality education at affordable fee. Admissions are more competitive with no comprise on education standards.

Work While you Study

During the first six months of the program, students are allowed to work while they study with twenty hours per week. Students who have enrolled in the one-year program can work for one more year whereas students under two-year program can work up to 2-3 years upon completion of their course successfully.

Gain Economic Opportunities

Students can collaborate and interact with industry leaders. Employment opportunities are available while you study and also after your graduation in leading industries and firms. Even if you choose to move elsewhere in the world, studying in Canada will open the doors to get placed in global companies.

Safety in the Multicultural Society

There is a certain misconception as regards the safety prevailing among the students willing to pursue their education abroad. Canada, with a highly non-discriminatory society, has the lowest crime rate. Canada has the highest quality of life which makes it the preferred choice for higher education.