Study Abroad in Singapore

Staying in Singapore permanently | the global ties

When you are looking for greater prospects of in-country employment after graduation, Singapore is your destination. Students from Coimbatore, Tiruppur, Erode and Ooty, through Global ties, get the best chances of securing their jobs in Singapore after their internship. With all our experience, we provide details regarding admission details, courses offered in Singapore, fee structure, visa requirements for Singapore and detailed information on the work permit in Singapore.

Singapore universities are known for courses in animation, design, gaming and music. Being the popular destination for Indians, scholarships are offered with a “Work in Singapore Clause”

Why Study Abroad in Singapore?

✔ Many institutes offer English-taught courses on special concessions.
✔ Comparatively, the tuition fees and the living expenses are low.
✔ Singapore has a strong South-Asian community with majority of them from India and Srilanka pursuing their education.
✔ With the best airports in the region, Singapore is connected with the rest of Asia.
✔ For meritorious students, chances of securing their job in Singapore are high.

The Ministry of Education, Singapore, offers financial aid to international students studying in the country. It is known for its need-blind admission criteria which ensure that talented students are admitted to the courses irrespective of their financial position. Singapore is continuing to be an educational hub and popular study abroad destination for international students.

Universities in Singapore are recognized as the “global schoolhouse” for its excellent collaboration with Universities in other countries that contribute to the overall quality of the education offered. Give us a shout as we continue to put in our efforts to help you apply for your dream college or university in Singapore.