Study Abroad in Switzerland

Staying in  Switzerland permanently | the global ties

Switzerland is known for its high standard of education and groundbreaking research. Switzerland is the home of the world’s best ranked academic institutions. This multi-linguistic country has four native languages including French, German, Italian and Romansh. It offers the best opportunity for students to hone their linguistic skills with innovative learning capabilities.

We, at The Global Ties, promote the global perspective of Switzerland among the students of Coimbatore, Tiruppur, Erode, and Ooty to pursue their high education. With the best opportunity for an enriching life experience, Switzerland provides education and training of unmatched quality. The country attracts overseas students with uniform fees for all foreign students.

Step into The Global ties for details regarding courses offered in various Swiss universities with the fee structure, importance of the visa and work permit. The following are the benefits of graduating in Switzerland.

✔ Even though the cost of living is high, Switzerland provides top-notch education for students.
✔ Students who aspire to finish their degree in Switzerland also consider pursuing a career as it is one of the most scenic countries in Europe, best known for cheese, chocolates, and famed Swiss delicacies.
✔ Global students are offered with various funds through scholarships by the Swiss government itself.
✔ Students can take pride coming out of top-ranked Universities in Switzerland.
✔ Needless to say, native Swiss people speak good English, in addition to their four native languages. Therefore, the students can inculcate their linguistic skills.

The Government takes the responsibility for granting visas to successful job applicants after six months of grace time given to each student looking job prospects. Ranking among the top countries imparting top-notch education, Switzerland is particularly popular for its R & D efforts in the area of science and technology.